Granite Fireplace Mantels

At Capital Mark Granite and Cabinets, we do more with granite then simply countertops in your kitchen and bathrooms. This time of year, when many Gilbert families are relaxing in front of their fireplace, soaking in the warmth during these chilly winter nights, the urge to remodel that fireplace creeps in. And yes, we do granite fireplaces!

During the holidays, everyone sits around the fireplace. While there aren’t many East Valley homes that still are built with fireplaces, the ones that are lucky enough to have a warm fire are now considering a fireplace mantel remodel.  With the stockings hanging by the fire with care, the warm glow illuminating the Christmas tree, it’s no wonder why so many take one look at that old, brick mantel and want something fresh and new.

Granite Fireplace Mantel

Installation of a granite mantel, or fireplace surround, is really not that different then installing a granite countertop.

  1. We’ll first come in to take some measurements to make sure we know exactly how much granite we’ll need to give you that amazing fireplace.
  2. We’ll discuss the design and creative layout of the mantel, what kind of materials you’d like to use, what color patterns you’re interested in, and the overall action plan.
  3. On the day of install, our highly trained craftsmen will prepare the area for the granite, making sure all surfaces are level and cleaned. Then we will lay on the thinset, depending on if we’re covering brick, wood, or some other materials.
  4. If your ‘old’ fireplace mantel was made of wood, we will brace those wooden areas so that it will have the support for a granite cover. In most situations, the fireplace surround will be cut into exact, large pieces so that there are few seams. If possible, we will create one template for most of the surround, leaving no seams. However, in most cases we will have a few different granite pieces for all sides, and the top of the fireplace surround.

Granite fireplaces are unique, creative, and definitely a conversation piece. During the holidays they bring warmth, beauty, and the exclusive look to your celebrations.