Arizona Granite Countertops – From the Earth to the Kitchen

Arizona granite countertops are by far the most popular materials in Gilbert, Arizona for both the bathroom and kitchen. Besides being incredibly durable, they are easy to maintain and come in a variety of colors and patterns. But creating these amazing Arizona granite countertops requires a skilled craftsman and a few million years.

From the Earth

Granite is mined from deep within the earth, either through drilling, chiseling, or blasting out of quarries. As mentioned, it literally takes millions of years for this amazing natural material to become what we see today, which goes to the fact that it’s incredibly durable and extremely hard. Compression over the years makes it heat-resistant and blister resistant, and highly unlikely to crack or chip.

Arizona granite countertops are made of mineral crystals, mostly commonly feldspar and quartz, that have been compressed through heat and time to form amazing patterns and colors.

When blasted from the earth in quarries, this amazing material is cut into workable slabs, usually 4 to 5 feet wide and 7 to 9 feet long.


Arizona Granite Craftsmen

Once the granite has reached the warehouse, skilled craftsmen and highly efficient computer-aided tools are used to cut the slabs down even farther. Water jets are also used to keep everything nice and cool, and to prevent cracking and injury. A specialized diamond cutting blade is used when cutting Arizona granite.

Customizing Granite Countertops

Finally, after being quarried, cut, and transported to the final fabrication shop, the granite countertops are ready to be completely customized to fit any Arizona home. Customizing and installing the granite countertops involves an extremely high skill set. Measurements must be exact.

At Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet, where we have our One Day Install Program, there are absolutely no details overlooked. Everything must be precisely accurate in order for us to customize your Arizona granite countertop and install it in one day, leaving you with very little kitchen down-time.

Everything must be accounted for when customizing and installing granite countertops, from the thickness to the kitchen sink design to the curves and the edges. Everything can be customized, and so everything must be drafted and measured accurately.

After measurements are taken, the skilled craftsmen at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinets head back to fabricate and customize your piece. It is an artwork that can only be completed successfully with experienced hands.

Sealing Granite Countertops

The final step in installing Arizona granite countertops is the sealing process. While it’s not absolutely necessary, sealing your granite countertops can help increase the stone’s resistance to spills and dirt. Even though granite is extremely resistant, it is still porous and so over time there is a small possibility that liquids could seep into the material.

Once installed, the skilled Capital Mark craftsman will simply place the sealant over the entire slab.

From the earth to the kitchen, there really is no other material that stands up to punishment as Arizona granite. If you’re interested in seeing the amazing array of patterns, colors, and custom options that granite offers, come down to our showroom on Ray and Val Vista.

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