Finding Your Design Style

Getting the right look in your Arizona kitchen can be extremely difficult without the right knowledge. In fact, if you are unsure of what style, layout or color scheme you prefer it will be exceedingly difficult to narrow things down. Arizona kitchen cabinets come in so many different materials, finishes and designs you absolutely must know what your style is before you can began the purchasing process. So, let’s walk through a few simply steps to beginning the entire process of picking out your custom Arizona kitchen cabinets.

Step 1 – Finding Your Style

The hardest thing for any Arizona kitchen cabinet specialist to do is determine your style. We can’t read you mind or know what sparks your interest. We can, however, learn a bit about you and help walk you through the process to find your own style. For example, your style might be based on functionality for the family, or uniqueness for the parties.

The type of home that you have can also help us decide on your style.  Whether you own a bungalow in historic Phoenix, a Tudor, a ranch style, or a Tuscan style home, there is a specific style that you probably lean towards based on your home choice.

Step 2 – Using Magazines

Use what you can to find the right style. In this case, take advantage of décor and home magazines. Flip through them as you wait in line at the grocery store or at the local home improvement store. Take note or purchase the magazine and remove the pages of photos that appeal to you. They don’t even have to be photos of Arizona kitchen cabinets; they can be photos of any room in the home. These photos will help a designer and cabinet specialist help you choose the right style for you based on your preferences.

Step 3 – Using the Web

Your greatest resource will be the internet. Jump online and look at images of Arizona kitchen cabinet styles that you like. Do not look at specific colors or materials, but look more at the big picture of kitchens that stands out to you. Perhaps there is one piece of kitchen accessory that you simply can’t take your eyes off. Print all of those photos and bring them to your designer and Arizona kitchen cabinet expert.

There are hundreds of actual polls and quizzes that you can take to help you narrow down and find you design style. For example, check out

When deciding on the small details, you’ll need to be able to see the big picture. While an Arizona kitchen cabinet specialist can help you in nearly every aspect of designing your new kitchen, you are the one who ultimately needs to understand your own tastes. Still confused? Give us a call and we’ll help you out. Or stop by our showroom in Gilbert on Val Vista and Ray.