Kitchen Color Combinations

When you are remodeling your kitchen, there are numerous considerations to be had. From choosing color palettes for the walls to opting for the best countertops and cabinets you can afford, it can seem as though the decision-making process is endless. Regardless of whether you have an actual theme in mind or if you just decided to mix and match some of your favorite colors, it is important to choose kitchen color combinations that mesh well together.


For example, if yours is a southwestern color palette and you’ve got granite countertops Arizona themed, you might consider equally natural hues to match. By comparison, if yours is a spring theme with plenty of floral-themed decorative items and pinks and creams for wall colors, then you might choose countertop, cabinet and flooring materials that meld well into that particular schematic.


You can even get your kitchen appliances to match up with the rest of your theme. Complement granite countertops Arizona-style with cream-colored appliances. Alternatively, if you’ve opted for sleek black countertops and cabinets, then set off the richness of the black with a bold and bright range of red appliances. Matching cabinets and countertops provide continuity in your kitchen design and décor that makes it clear that you’ve put some thought into the look of this high-trafficked interior space.


If you unsure of the theme you want for your kitchen and the colors to complement it, start with your cabinets and countertops. Everything else can be made to match what you’ve chosen for these two important and most prominent components of your kitchen. Granite countertops Arizona offer a blend of beautiful hues, each of which can be complemented with a brighter color.


For example, the browns and tans of the granite can be accentuated by kitchen appliances and decorative elements in deep red, golden yellow or even a lush orange. Alternatively, if you prefer a muted color combo, then you can incorporate rich creams, tans and dark, deep browns into your kitchen color scheme, with small accents of color here and there if you prefer.


It all comes down to a matter of personal preference. Just remember that is it the space in the home where you spend a great deal of time, so you want to ensure that the kitchen décor color combos you choose are visually pleasing to you and create an energy in the space that is similar to your personal energy.