Types of Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Kitchen cabinets are among those things that you don’t think much about until you absolutely have to. If you’ve moved into a home with a great set of cabinets, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. However, if you are in the midst of a kitchen remodel or have moved into a space where the cabinets are horrendous, then you’ve just begun a journey in which you need to learn more about cabinets to understand how to make the best choice. Depending on the décor, kitchen cabinets come in a vast variety of styles, colors and features. Arizona kitchen cabinets might look vastly different than what you might find in cabinet choices in, say, Maine. The decorative style of the area plays a role in what’s available in cabinet choices.


To start, you must understand the basic cabinet types: stock cabinets are off-the-shelf types that are ready to be put together and installed in your kitchen. They generally do not come with a frame and are simple in their design. Stock cabinets are among the more inexpensive choice and can blend in easily with just about any décor.


By comparison, midlevel cabinets are a custom type of cabinet meant to fit into a specific kitchen design. These cabinets are generally made of a nice dark wood and have moldings and other fancy accruements to make the cabinet look more decorative. However, this cabinet type is also a bit more expensive than its stock cabinet counterpart. Premium cabinets can consist of any number of designs. They are custom; so, for example, if you are ordering Arizona kitchen cabinets to match a Southwestern décor, then you might be ordering premium cabinet materials. They are less costly than outright custom cabinets; however, they are much more expensive than stock cabinets.


Kitchen cabinet features consist of various elements, from the box of the cabinet to the drawers and doors on each set. Hardware is another consideration as you must determine whether to install roller designs for sliding or rails; perhaps you want your Arizona kitchen cabinet to have a soft closing feature so that cabinets don’t swing shut dramatically (though you might want that if you have a tendency to leave cabinets open). All of these considerations must be undertaken anytime you plan to choose cabinets for your kitchen. This ensures the most functional and visually-appealing outcome for your kitchen space.

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