Curious About Arizona Kitchen Cabinet Quality Standards?

Often times we’ll talk to friends and clients who are interested in quality Arizona kitchen cabinets, but aren’t sure how to tell those quality cabinets from the cheap ones. Quality kitchen cabinets are so much more than just appearance, texture or style. While these are important factors when considering your Arizona kitchen remodel, when it comes to long-lasting, quality cabinets it’s all about hardware, precision craftsmanship, and excellent materials.

Arizona Kitchen Cabinet Standards

Many times in this industry, the old saying applies; you get what you pay for. Quality Arizona kitchen cabinets greatly rests upon your budget, and while you can get high quality cabinets at an affordable price, the standards will vary depending on brand, price and manufacturer.

With that said, there are industry standards that have been set by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association. These guidelines are voluntary, but set a wonderful example of what quality kitchen cabinets should be:

  • All cabinets designed to rest on the floor must be provided with a toe space at least two inches deep and three inches high.
  • All utility cabinets must meet the same construction requirements as base and wall cabinets.
  • Doors must be properly aligned, have means of closure, and close without excessive binding or looseness.
  • All materials must ensure rigidity in compliance with performance standards.
  • Face frames, when used, must provide rigid construction.
  • For frameless cabinets, the ends, tops/bottoms, and back shall be of thickness necessary to provide rigid construction.
  • Corner or lineal bracing must be provided at points where necessary to ensure rigidity and proper joining of various components.
  • All wood parts must be dried to a moisture content of 10 percent or less at time of fabrication.
  • All materials used in cabinets must be suitable for use in the kitchen and bath environment where they may be exposed to grease, solvents, water, detergent, steam and other substances usually found in these rooms.
  • All exterior exposed surfaces and edges except the edges of end panels and the edges of back panels, shall be free of saw marks and other imperfections and shall be filled and sanded, edge-banded, or otherwise finished to ensure compliance with the performance standards.
  • All exterior exposed parts of cabinets must have nails and staples set and holes filled.
  • All exposed construction joints must be fitted in a workman-like manner consistent with specifications.
  • Exposed cabinet hardware must comply with Builders Hardware Manufacturing Association finishing standards.

According to these standards, Arizona kitchen cabinets must also show structural integrity, bearing the weight of 500 pounds without “any visible sign of failure in the cabinet mounting system.” All joints are tested to withstand 250 pounds, rails must withstand 200 pounds, and doors must be able to withstand 10 pounds of pressure.

Drawers must also be able to withstand 25,000 cycles of opening and closing with 15 pounds per square foot of pressure applied.

While these guidelines are simply voluntary, and every manufacturer is entitled to their own high, or low, quality standards, they are a wonderful place to start when you are attempting to assess the value and quality of specific brands. For more information on these specific quality standards, see

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