Distressed Black Kitchen Cabinets

Arizona distressed black kitchen cabinets are unique, modern, work well with many granite combinations, and are incredibly popular at the moment. This particular color combination brings in just the right blend of modern and antique, giving your Arizona kitchen both a sophisticated and homey feeling.

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Distressed Black Kitchen Cabinets

The antique yet modern look of distressed kitchen cabinets combines perfectly with granite countertops, both of a dark or light color, and stainless steel appliances. By combining an old look with a new look, the distressed black cabinets work seamlessly with the overall kitchen theme.

Distressed kitchen cabinets are unique. Each cabinet might have a slightly different look and feel, as this antique style requires a bit of unbalanced refinement in order to pull it all together.

Kitchen Lighting

The dark and rich hues of the black cabinets work perfectly with plenty of light, either natural light through the kitchen windows or indoor lighting. Consider custom Arizona kitchen lighting to truly give those distressed black cabinets some pop. Backsplashes that reflect natural light, along with the stainless steel appliances that tend to reflect light as well, will work flawlessly with the dark cabinets. Backlighting behind cabinets, above and below cabinets, and along blacksplashes also help to bring some pop to the dark cabinets.

Granite Counter Color Combinations

Arizona distressed black kitchen cabinets work with light and dark granite countertops, however for the most pop and combination of antique with modern look for a lighter color pattern.  There are literally thousands of granite combinations to choose from, with even more patterns and color highlights within the materials.

Distressed black kitchen cabinets work well with monochromatic white granite countertops to give that strong, updated, modern yet antique look and feel. Consider accents in the granite pattern that match the theme of your entire home, not just the kitchen.

Tan and maple colored cabinet combinations have run their course, according to many kitchen style experts. Dark, even black cabinets are more popular than ever, but it’s important to talk to a professional to be sure this is the style for you. It’s a bold move.

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