Tips Choosing Granite Countertops and Cabinets Style Combinations

Granite adds a certain level of sophistication to a kitchen space. However, without the right style combination of granite countertops and kitchen cabinets, your kitchen can end up looking a bit mis-matched. The choice of both elements of your kitchen depends on the theme. If you’ve settled on a southwestern Arizona look, then your Arizona kitchen cabinet combinations should account for your choice of colors, decorative elements and the hue of the granite for your countertops.


Material Combinations

To start, focus on material matching. Granite is a smooth, visually-appealing stone and will attract much of the attention in your kitchen, drawing the eye to the countertop area. So you don’t want to choose an equally elaborate cabinet material or design. The cabinets should complement your granite countertops, not compete with them. For example, if you opt for a dark, dramatic granite design, then you might complement the hue with a smoky grey cabinet color and then accent with colorful décor – think red appliances – around the rest of the kitchen. If your granite countertops are a peach or white hue, then you might complement them with white cabinets made out of a fairly sturdy material, such as oak, hickory or birch. The choice of material is fairly flexible when it comes to woods, since they are found in a vast array of hues.


If you want a kitchen design with a more contemporary flair, then you might consider glass-front cabinets with white granite countertops. This is perfect for people that want an all-white kitchen. If you’re going with the rich colors of a southwestern design, then Arizona kitchen cabinet combinations you might want to consider include stainless steel cabinets with yellow plated glass fronts with a rich royal blue granite countertop design and red appliances throughout the kitchen. Another Arizona kitchen cabinet combination might replicate the natural colors of the natural desert surroundings; think a tan wood cabinet design with a peach-tan granite countertop hue. You can accent with plenty of plants and other natural colors in your kitchen space.


When it comes to Arizona kitchen cabinet combinations, or any other decorative combination for your kitchen, consider your overall theme and then choose your colors and theme accordingly. Once you nail down your choice of countertop and cabinet designs, the rest will easily fall into place around your choices to create a functional yet visually stunning kitchen space.