When Choosing Arizona Granite Countertops, Quality is Key

Countertops are among those aspects of your kitchen that are necessary and add a stylish and decorative element to the space, but you might not think as much about the brands you choose for them within the confines of a remodeling project. However, like cabinets and appliances, all countertop brands are not created equal, particularly when it comes to granite countertops.


For example, if you live in Arizona and are installing Arizona granite countertops from a local source, it is important to know what to expect in terms of the quality of brands used, as well as the background of the installation company and their experience in kitchens like yours.


Choosing the right brand generally comes down to a matter of price point and availability. For example, if you are installing Arizona granite countertops, you might find that your local home improvement store or contractor only has a relationship with certain suppliers, which may limit your options when it comes to brands. In terms of the top granite countertop brands, consumers generally look to Granite Certified by DuPont and Rembrandt as two of the top brands in the industry. Mystic is another great brand that offers quality granite countertops for homeowners that need something decorative as well as durable.


When it comes to choosing one brand or another, consider the entire scope of the project. If you are remodeling your kitchen in, say, Arizona and want a more Southwestern theme to your space, then you might see what each of the major brands has in stock for that season to accommodate your need for Arizona granite countertops. You may need to venture out to a different brand, which doesn’t necessarily mean compromised quality; you just don’t have the big name on which to rely, which is not always a bad thing.


Do fair amounts of research ahead of your project to find the best granite countertops that fit your budget and the style that best fits your particular kitchen theme. This ensures that no matter what brand you end up going with –even if it not among the major brands – that your granite countertops suit your space and help to increase the value of your home. This is the benefit, after all, of upgrading your countertops to a material that gives an aura of sophistication and style in the way that granite does.