DIY – Selecting the Right Kitchen Color Combination (Pics)

We spend a lot of time talking about the importance of the right Arizona kitchen color combinations. Your kitchen is where the family comes together, where your friends come to chat, and where your kids study. It might not be technically the center of your home, but it is the heart of your home. So when it comes to kitchen color combinations, it’s crucial that you choose wisely.

Choosing A Kitchen Color Combination

  1. Flip Through Magazines – Looking through some magazines is probably the best thing that you can do. Take your time. We cannot stress this enough. If you start seeing a theme in the designs and color combinations that you like, over time this theme will become clearer. Give yourself at least three months of simply looking at different color combinations before deciding on one theme.
  2. Check Out Appliances – Sometimes the types of appliances that you like will help you choose which kitchen color combinations will work best for you. For example, if you like appliances that blend in seamlessly with the cabinetry, you’ll have an easier time choosing cabinet colors. If you like stainless steel, you have a wide variety of modern color combinations. If you are feeling white appliances, you can bounce off some dark themes. Consequently, if you are feeling dark appliances, you can bounce off some lighter kitchen color combinations.
  3. Check Out Flooring – Flooring is a big part of your kitchen color combinations. If you’re keeping the current flooring that you have in your kitchen, you’ll need to match colors to that flooring. Is it dark, or light? Does it have a tint of red, blue or any other color? This is something that is crucial to keeping in mind. However, if you are getting all new flooring you will need to make sure it coordinates well with the appliances, granite countertops and cabinets.
  4. Backsplash and Paint Colors – In designing your kitchen and deciding on a color combination, you’ll want to consider paint colors as well. What pain colors are on the walls in the rest of your house? How will your kitchen pain color combination affect the theme in the rest of the house, especially adjacent rooms?
  5. Hardware Colors – Many times people are drawn to certain hardware. When you’re looking through magazines and walking through hardware stores, don’t forget to look at the types and colors of door knobs, handles, hinges, and faucets. While these are installed after the kitchen remodel is complete, and are often overlooked, they are a crucial piece of the puzzle.
  6. Arizona Granite Countertops – One mistake that many Arizona residents make is to select their granite countertop color combinations first, and then start looking for matching themes. You’ll want to think of the big picture, and work a granite color combination into that bigger picture.
  7. Arizona Kitchen Cabinets – As with granite countertops, this is another aspect that needs to fit in with the big picture. Taken with the appliances, flooring and hardware, this element is the largest and will make the biggest impact on the theme of your Arizona kitchen.

There are hundreds, even thousands, of kitchen color combinations that  you can put together, but you must keep in mind the over theme of your home and the purpose of your kitchen.

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