How Are Cabinets Priced?

When searching for your Arizona kitchen cabinets, you are not only looking for color combinations, style, materials and hardware, you comparing prices. And when comparing prices, sometimes it’s helpful to understand why cabinets are priced the way that they are and how different brands and materials affect overall cabinet prices.

  • Construction – The skill set of the craftsman and the materials that he or she uses determines roughly 60% of the total cabinet cost.  The more detail engraved into the wood, the more time that a craftsman must spend on the project creating custom grooves, the more expensive that Arizona cabinet will be. There is a great difference in price between a custom detailed and designed cabinet door and one bought off of the warehouse floor with little to no detail.
  • Materials – The type of wood and hardware used in constructing the cabinet doors is a great determining factor. You could go with particle board, simple and affordable, or you could go with solid wood.
  • Design and Layout – The design of your Arizona kitchen will greatly affect the price as well. For example, a lazy Susan will cost more than a sink cabinet, while an L-shaped kitchen will cost less than a U-shaped kitchen. The more customization that you add to the design of your Arizona kitchen, the more the costs go up. This is fairly straight forward, and truly depends on how custom and unique you’d like to go with your kitchen design.
  • Styles and Finishes– Detailing, whether the cabinet door sits flush with its surroundings, whether there are custom distressing options in the finish, and whether you want some custom painting will affect the cost of the cabinets. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what our Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet craftsmen can do to customize your Arizona kitchen, and this includes finishes and painting.



Many aspects of your Arizona kitchen remodel will affect the cost of the cabinets specifically. From the materials that you choose, to the hardware, details and painting, everything is customizable and affects the prices.