Matching Color Combinations for the Kitchen

When you’ve come up a color theme for your kitchen, it can be challenging to ensure that everything you choose – from cabinet materials to countertops and tile – stays in line with the theme. In fact, this is why it sometimes takes weeks or even months to choose the perfect materials for this space, because you want the theme to be consistent, stylish and visually-appealing once the space is complete. When you are using a stone like granite, it can seem tricky to choose the right cabinet color to complement the stone. Granite and cabinet combinations are tough, but there are enough different hues of granite to match up a cabinet color for the perfect decorative effect.


For example, a good example of how well granite and cabinet combinations can work is if you do a stainless steel cabinet design with glass doors complemented by a stony gray granite and bold red appliances, you can give your kitchen a decidedly sophisticated and contemporary appeal. If you want something more traditional, then you might go with natural-colored oak or cherry wood cabinets and a light tan granite countertop. If you want to go funky, then a pink granite countertop and white cabinets offer a soft, but colorful look to your kitchen.


The availability of various hues in the granite and cabinet combinations of your choice depend on the retailer with which you work on your kitchen. Opt for a company that has enough variety in their stock and choice of materials to give you a range of options when it comes to colors for both your granite countertops and your kitchen cabinets. You should also do some research ahead of time to find out how much specialty options might cost, should you decide to take a more unconventional approach to your kitchen décor. For example, stainless steel might incur a different cost than that of a set of wood cabinet, because the material and installation costs are different. This is something to keep in mind as you consider granite and cabinet color combinations.