Seams and Granite Countertops

When you have Arizona granite countertops, there are several things to consider than just the hue of the granite chosen for your kitchen. The beauty of these countertops lies in getting the details just right. For example, if you have decided on a southwestern theme, then yes, it is important to get the right color for your granite countertops as well as the right hue of matching cabinets. However, another important consideration for Arizona granite countertops is the placement of the seam. This might seem like such a minute detail, yet an ill-placed seam can throw off the entire look of your kitchen, no matter what your theme may be.Arizona granite countertops


It should be noted that seams in granite countertops are unavoidable if your Arizona granite countertops span more than 10 feet. You can’t control the presence of this line that forms when the two pieces of countertop come together; however, you can control the placement of the seam.  The individuals installing your countertop should be able to fill the gap where the seam exists with epoxy or polyester glue that matches the color of your granite.


The surface over the seam should be smooth, meaning you should feel no height difference. And in terms of placement of the seam for your Arizona granite countertops, you can implement a design that places the seam of the granite in a less obvious place or in a spot that coincides with where you plan to place an appliance or large decorative element. Just keep in mind that any area that does not have support under the counter – i.e. where the dishwasher will live – is not a good spot for your Arizona granite countertop seam.


The seam of your Arizona granite countertops doesn’t have to spell doom for your décor, layout or general theme. Just thinking through this minute detail of countertop installation will ensure that you can work with your countertop installation company to place the seams in an area where it is not as noticeable and the focus remains on the stunning granite that lines the countertops of your kitchen space.