Tips for Improving Storage in Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the places in your home where no matter how much storage you have, it never feels like it’s enough. Whether your Queen Creek kitchen cabinets and Southwestern theme allow for plenty of space, you still may feel as though you need a more efficient way to store items in your kitchen. It may seem an impossible task, but there are ways to create more space both in your kitchen cabinets and in your kitchen space overall. Consider a few tips:How To Add Storage Space to Kitchen


  • Stack stuff in cabinets: There no point of having spacious vertical space in your Queen Creek kitchen cabinets if you aren’t going to make the best possible use of it. Instead of storing things like plastic cups and plates in a horizontal way, instead stack them up a bit. You don’t want to stack too high or you risk it all falling down, but about halfway up in your cabinet is likely safe and will offer more horizontal space to fit more.


  • Consider wrought iron racks for your pots and pans: Pots can take up a great deal of space in your Queen Creek kitchen cabinets. So, do yourself a favor and take them out. Hang a pot rack made of wrought iron above your kitchen island if you have one; this is not only more efficient, but also it adds a decorative element to your kitchen. Moreover, you can get a rack large enough to accommodate just about every pot and pan you own.


  • Take cleaning products out of the kitchen: A lot of under-sink cabinet space is often utilized for cleaning products for the home. Store them instead in a utility room and use that space under the sink for other kitchen items, such as Tupperware sets, canned goods and other items that you won’t have to worry about ruining in the event that something leaks under the sink, while still getting the advantage of the added space.


  • Use top part of cabinets: Far too many people use the bottom two shelves of their Queen Creek kitchen cabinets, but neglect to really utilize the top shelf because it’s generally out of reach. However, this is the perfect space to store specialty dishes, seasonal items and decorative elements that you don’t need to access year-round. Then, it doesn’t matter if you can’t reach them frequently because they only need to be taken down at certain times of the year.
Simply by making these small changes you can dramatically increase the storage space in your Queen Creek kitchen. Of course, you can always upgrade to a more efficiently designed kitchen with the help of Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet, but for a quick fix and economical solution, follow the steps above to more storage space!