What are Granite Tiles?

When it comes to kitchen design, it seems like the options for materials to be used on flooring, cabinets and countertops is endless. From granite to marble, there are a number of choices for stones that can make your kitchen look spectacular. Chandler granite countertops are a great choice for material that can make your countertops sizzle, but what about flooring, backsplashes and other areas in which granite tiles might be used to enhance the space?


Granite Tiles

There are actually a number of ways that granite tiles can be used in kitchen design. Since granite comes in so many colors, you can create a beautiful backsplash from granite tiles to represent a range of textures and colors. The backsplash is the area behind your stove or countertop that is accentuated in a pattern or specific color scheme and created with tile pieces. This is a beautiful way to complement your Chandler granite countertops, particularly if you have a particular color scheme with which you are working. For instance, if your countertops have more of a solid white hue, then you can add a splash of color with your backsplash by choosing granite tiles in deep reds, blues and greens for a natural but colorful display in your kitchen.Arizona granite countertops


Granite tiles can also be used to create a durable but sophisticated floor. Again, this is a match with Chandler granite countertops, as the texture and patterns on the granite can pull your kitchen design together well, even if you decide to go with a contrasting color scheme. By comparison, you can go with something more muted and because of the look of the stone, it will still make your kitchen space look chic and well-designed, which is part of the general appeal of granite. The look of the granite on your floor makes what might normally blend into the background a considerably stylish element of your kitchen space.



Moreover, there are numerous benefits to choosing granite tiles to complement your Chandler granite countertops, including the fact that the granite is resistant to scratches, heat and corroding elements and it can be used in areas that get quite a bit of high traffic (as the kitchen generally does). Moreover, it is more durable than any other synthetic material and does not fade, which means that both your Chandler granite countertops and your granite floor tiles will stand the test of time with brilliant color and fabulous pizzazz.

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