Which Arizona Kitchen Cabinets are the Most Durable?

Yesterday we talked about how Chandler kitchen cabinets are priced, and hopefully we sketched a pretty good picture of how certain design elements affect the price of your cabinets. Today I’d like to dive into the subject of which cabinet material is best for you, why some are more expensive than others, and which are more durable to last your Chandler home a very long time.

Affordable Cabinet Doors

The most affordable cabinet doors in Chandler are hardwoods and particle boards. These light to medium-toned woods include maple, birch and some oak. They are strong woods, fairly durable, and uniform. Maple and oak do lose some color as they age, so you will need to restain these woods every couple of years, and birch, along with maple, are a bit tougher to stain because they do not absorb paint as evenly as other cabinet woods.

Thermafoil and laminates are also affordable cabinet choices. Thermafoil is often what you find in apartments or older homes; a thin layer of vinyl molded to MDF, or particle board. Laminate is basically layers of paper topped with plastic, then glued to MDF.

Midrange Affordable Cabinet Doors

These affordable Chandler cabinet doors include hardwoods such as hickory, with a far more pronounced grain leading to a more custom look and feel after installation and staining. Hickory is very dense and extremely durable, and comes in a variety of colors, including the very popular distressed black. The unique and pronounced grain in hickory is not uniform, so while one cabinet door may contain more grain, the cabinet door right next to it might contain less. Hickory can have several variations of one color, so be sure to speak with your Gilbert or Scottsdale cabinet expert about this possibility.

Expensive Cabinet Doors

Premium Chandler cabinet doors include cherry and walnut. These are incredibly popular, but can be pricey. The wood is the most durable and strongest. Cherry, much like a fine wine, darkens as it ages. Walnut lightens over time. Both take to stain very well, are sophisticated and clean, and are very long-lasting. However, cost for these cabinets can run you 10 to 15 percent higher than any midrange woods.

Stainless steel is another expensive Chandler cabinet option. They are sleek, easy to clean, frameless, and will not warp or fade such as wood does. They usually only come in a few colors, including industrial silver, green, orange, and red. However, stainless steel, as you probably know if you have stainless steel appliances, scratch and dent easily, and show fingerprints easily as well.

We can tell you that the most popular Chandler cabinet material at the moment is hardwoods such as hickory, cherry and walnut. With the right staining and custom distressed look, you can transform your kitchen into a trendy, long-lasting improvement to your Chandler home.