Gilbert Granite DIY – Installing Countertops

Do-it-yourself projects can be challenging, particularly if what you are engaging in is somewhat complex, such as the process of installing countertops. Gilbert granite countertops, however, are well worth the investment of time and resources that it may take for the installation process, as these countertops make your bathroom look more sophisticated with a material that is durable and functional.


It is important to follow all of the steps of the installation process when installing Gilbert granite countertops to ensure that you are navigating the installation properly. Those steps include:Installing Countertops


  • Run a bead of caulking along the edge of the top edge of the cabinet: The caulk will help to hold the Gilbert granite countertop slab in place. However, be sure to run a neat line of caulking to avoid that unsightly caulky mess that can sometimes occur during installation when bits of caulk smear along the way and get all over the edge of the granite countertop slab.
  • Position the granite countertops slab in place: Be careful when doing this as the slab tends to be very heavy, particularly when Gilbert granite countertops are being installed. Be careful when you position the slab on the caulk because once it starts to dry in place, you won’t be able to move it again. So place is very carefully atop the cabinet edge and move it quickly into the exact place that you want it permanently, so that the caulk will be able to start to dry.
  • Place your backsplash if you plan to have one: A nice complement to Gilbert granite countertops is a colorful backsplash along the back of the wall behind the countertop. Go ahead and lay the tile in this area or place the backsplash adhesives in place so they too can be drying as you finish installing your countertops. A backplash makes for a nice decorative element to your bathroom space overall.
  • Seal the rest of the countertop edge with more caulk: Again, just a line (decently thick) will do here, along the remaining edges of your Gilbert granite countertops.


While you can install your bathroom countertops yourself, it is best overall if you work with a professional on the installation process to ensure that you are able to get it done properly and in a way that your countertop will remain durable, functional and decorative until you are ready to change it up.