How Much Value do New Cabinets Add to Your Home?

When you make improvements to your home, either through adding certain components or outright remodeling, it adds value to your home. Depending on the level of the improvement, it might be value only you can see or enjoy, but in other instances, the value translates into dollars and cents: big time. This is particularly so when you make kitchen improvements. For example, adding Gilbert kitchen cabinets can add significant money to the value of your home, and more so when you add other improvements to your kitchen space, such as matching countertops or new appliances.


However, it helps to have actual numbers with which to consider increased home value. Adding Gilbert kitchen cabinets to your kitchen alone, without other improvements, can raise the value of your home by between $15,000 and $20,000. When you add in other major improvements, such as a flooring remodel or countertop installation, the value of your home overall can rise up to $40,000. This is no small number and is the reason why people invest a great deal of time, energy and resources in remodeling their kitchen spaces and making the necessary additions here and there.


Gilbert kitchen cabinets make for a nice addition to your kitchen space because they are made of durable material, but they also look amazing. Particularly when paired with, say, a granite countertop, your kitchen can look like an entirely new space with this type of addition. Moreover, you can accentuate the look of your kitchen for your viewing pleasure with appliances that complement the color of your Gilbert kitchen cabinets, as well as decorative accents here and there to make the kitchen feel much cozier overall. And since this IS the kitchen, after all, you can also add some functional aspects to increase ease of us. This might include swinging hinges on your Gilbert kitchen cabinets, a wrought iron pot holder over your kitchen island or lights installed under your Gilbert kitchen cabinets for better viewing when you are preparing your favorite dishes, cleaning up or reading through recipes.



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