Trends in Granite Countertops

Granite can add sophistication and style to just about any room of your home, but is a particularly beneficial material to utilize in your kitchen design. For example, Gilbert granite countertops make for a durable countertop space while offering a range of colors and patterns from which to choose, so that you don’t lose the decorative element of this part of your kitchen. Trends in Gilbert granite countertops tend to vary, but for 2012, it’s all about explosions of color around your kitchen to create a vibrant space in which to invent delectable culinary creations.


The beauty of granite as a countertop material is that this naturally-occurring stone comes in any variety of color you can imagine. For example, if you are doing a black, white and red color scheme in your kitchen, you can amp up the red with a cherry-hued granite countertop or go with a sleek black granite color for this element of your kitchen. If you are going with a more natural color scheme, then tan or cream would be an ideal granite countertop hue, though the color won’t pop as much.


In terms of edges for Gilbert granite countertops, stone is one of the more popular options for 2012. A stone edge with a granite countertop represents a greater investment, but it is one that is worthwhile. The stone edge is dramatic and show-stopping, adding yet another layer of decorative element to your kitchen. However, if you want something more low-key to keep the focus on the granite, then you might consider a gently curved edge for your countertop, as softer edges are part of an overall trend in kitchen design for this year.


Layout is yet another consideration when installing Gilbert granite countertops, as this may determine the way the rest of your kitchen is designed. “L” and “U” shaped kitchens are popular for 2012 and work great if you need more counter space than other layouts allow for; in fact, both are among the more universal layouts that tend to work in a variety of different overall home layouts. The best way to determine a layout for your kitchen in a way that makes the most effective use of your Gilbert granite countertops is to work with your granite installation professional/company to determine what they might suggest in terms of layout. You may have limited choice depending on the existing layout of your kitchen and how much you are willing to remodel the overall space.