Top Arizona Flooring Trends in 2012

Flooring trends tend to vary from year to year and geographic location; however, some trends supercede anything to become popular in all areas of the country and among all decorative demographics. Flooring in Gilbert ranges in trends from timeless classics to those trends that are popular in 2012 and don’t necessarily last into the coming years; these are for those that enjoy changing up their flooring looks on a regular basis just to have a different visual aesthetic in their homes or businesses.


One of the top trends in flooring for 2012 is tile, porcelain to be specific. This is a perfect addition to rooms of all decorative types and comes in a wide array of colors and styles. Moreover, porcelain tile is versatile and fairly durable, so it works both for rooms that have a certain look to them as well as the more high-traffic areas of the home. Moreover, you can do a simple design or a funky mosaic, depending on how much attention you want to focus on your flooring choice. Gilbert flooring can create a custom pattern of tile flooring for your home, so that you can create a look that is different from what you might see in anyone else’s home.


Herringbone hardwood is another hot trend for 2012, which is one of those classics that is both trendy and timeless. This is a more unusual hardwood design that sets it apart from regular hardwood flooring. Gilbert flooring can work on a custom hardwood design that adds sophistication and polish to your home with an affordable hardwood flooring option that still adds visual appeal. This is a flooring material that you would want to have installed in your home to stay for years to come.


Eco-friendly flooring is also big in 2012. For example, upcycled flooring made out of wood from old shipping materials is both green-friendly and funky-looking. Gilbert flooring has many eco-friendly flooring options from which you can choose if you are going green in all other elements of your home décor and design. Choosing flooring should be a fun and exciting experience, as the right choice can spruce up your home and make it look brand new all over again. Take your time working with a flooring professional to choose a trend – or other flooring type – that works best for your home and the traffic it experiences on a daily basis.