Arizona Granite Countertops – Care and Maintenance

Granite countertops are a fantastic way to add both durability and décor to your kitchen space. When you replace your existing counters with Chandler granite countertops, you are also adding value to your home upon doing so. Therefore, if you make the investment in these countertops, it is important to know how to properly care for them.


Taking care of your Chandler granite countertops is not as involved a process as you might think. In fact, the key to proper care is consistent cleaning when you spill or make a mess on them. And let’s face it, your countertops are among those areas of your kitchen where you are likely to have frequent spills that need to be cleaned up. This can cause build-up on your countertops as well, which can be hard to get off once it’s sat on counters for a few days.


For light cleaning, a mild soap and some warm water should do the trick. This solution gets up messes without compromising the smooth material of your Chandler granite countertops. However, when it is time to do deep cleaning, you might utilize a heavier household cleanser that will cut through some of the grease, grime and other build-up. The key to doing this effectively without compromising the material is to ensure that you don’t allow the cleaning product to sit for too long on the countertop. This could cause the chemicals to start eating away at the seal of your granite countertop, after which it could compromise the material underneath.


When it comes to preserving color, less exposure to harsh light helps, as does minimum exposure to direct sunlight. You mitigate this factor with the use of blinds or curtains in your kitchen, to protect your beautiful granite countertops and help them to last as long as possible.


If you want your Chandler granite countertops to last, it also helps to have them re-sealed annually or every two years. This makes them gleam like new again without the need to replace entire elements of your counter space. You also want to ensure that you change things around on your counter every now and then to avoid any one heavy appliance or item sitting too long and causing marks or indentations on your Chandler granite countertops. The longer you can make your countertops last, the more worthwhile your investment in both the countertops and your kitchen in general.
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