Prepping For A Kitchen Remodel

Undergoing a kitchen remodel is a lot like giving birth for many people – it is characterized by months of painful and slow growth and change, but the end result is a beautiful new life for this all-too important space in your home. A kitchen remodel requires patience, creativity and a willingness to essentially move a huge part of your life at home around for months in order to get to the end result: a functional and aesthetically-pleasing space that is upgraded and fabulous. From new Gilbert kitchen cabinets to fancy appliances, following a remodel, you may find that you enter your kitchen just to look at it because the beauty of a remodel unveils your kitchen’s true potential.


Before the end result of the remodel or even the process itself, however, is the planning process leading up to the remodel. There are some steps you need to take ahead of choosing new Gilbert kitchen cabinets and before you start to peel the wallpaper off the walls in order to put your kitchen on the path to fabulous. Consider these steps to prepping for your kitchen remodel:


  • Research, research, research: Your kitchen remodel is a chance to create the space of your dreams. Take your time to look at other kitchens that have elements you like to pull it all together to create something that works for you. For example, you might like the Gilbert kitchen cabinets in one kitchen, but the paint color in another. Create a look-book of sorts that has pictures from different kitchens to pull together the elements of your remodel.
  • Hire a professional and schedule several consultations before peeling the first piece of wallpaper off the wall: This professional should have experience in kitchen remodels; they are a completely different animal than even constructing a kitchen from the bottom up. Make sure your kitchen designer/contractor has an idea of how to conduct a remodel and is willing to listen to what you want and help to implement it.
  • Create a timeline – and hold everyone to it: You might even have your contractors sign the timeline as a contract of sorts to ensure that everyone understands the timeline and will truly strive to stick with it. There are going to be roadblocks that pop up along the way, from Gilbert kitchen cabinets that need to be installed or tile that needs to be laid, that may hold up other areas of the remodel. However, everyone should be on the same general timeline.
  • Maintain flexibility: You may want your kitchen to look one way, but sometimes, for one reason or another, things don’t work the way you want them to. Be flexible enough to roll with the punches and change up elements of your kitchen as needed. For example, say you’ve elected to have Gilbert kitchen cabinets installed with a certain type of countertop and the countertop material isn’t available. Switch gears and choose a new countertop material and keep moving. Sometimes the best designs and décor are those that you have to come up with as a second option.