Gilbert Cabinets – Why Buy Local

The buy local concept has been touted for everything from groceries to artisan wares; however, one area that you might not think as much about buying local is in your building supplies. Specifically when you are considering buying new Arizona cabinets, price might be more of a consideration than the place in which you purchase said cabinets. However, there are some definitely advantages of buying local instead of from a big box retailer. These advantages far outweigh the savings of using a multi-national corporation.


Buy Cabinets Local – Benefits

To start, buying local means more creative choice in your  Arizona cabinet offerings. For example, a locally owned company, say in Gilbert, might have unique cabinet offerings instead of the same cookie cutter varieties that you will find at a big box retailer. The creativity may come in the form of the wood used to create the cabinet or the design engraved into it, or even in the way that the cabinet is designed. Locally-owned shops might look around for more unique Gilbert cabinets, so that customers have a reason to pay that little bit of extra money for a more unique set of cabinets.


Also, the level of customer service from start to finish is just better when you purchase Arizona cabinets locally. A locally-owned company is going to better walk you through the entire process of choosing and purchasing your cabinets, installing them and getting a final design of your kitchen, overall. A big box retailer may just want the sale and they certainly don’t follow-up with you thereafter.


Finally, you are doing the environment a service by purchasing from a locally-owned company. A locally-owned company is much more likely to use locally-sourced materials in some aspect of the cabinets, which not only reduces waste and promotes the local economy, but also is less stress on the environment because of the lack of need for long-distance transportation, which in turn utilizes more fuel. These are things to think about if you are interested in a sustainable future.


Purchasing Arizona cabinets from a local company is beneficial no matter how you approach it. The initial investment may be more, but your support of your local economy and the advantage of getting to choose cabinets that make your kitchen really stand out are priceless endeavors when you are creating a kitchen space from scratch or doing an upgrade on this highly trafficked space in your home.