How Long Does it Take to Install Granite Countertops?

how long does it take to install gilbert countertops

One Day Countertop Program

Granite countertops and matching Arizona cabinets can make your kitchen space look sophisticated and equally functional. They are durable, which is the plus side of making such an investment in what is generally one of the most highly trafficked spaces in the home. However, from Arizona cabinets to granite countertops, the installation process when undertaking any project in your home can be extensive. Depending on the company in question, you may wonder just how long it will take to install granite countertops in your kitchen.


This is an important consideration because you can’t go too many days without a functional kitchen space. It is not only the space in which you store food and other personal effects, but also the place where you and your family gather several times daily for nourishment. Yes, you can eat and congregate in other areas of the home, but this can provide to be inconvenient, particularly if you also need to cook and prepare beverages.


What you need is a company that can get this job done in a day; it sounds like an impossible task, but there are Arizona cabinet companies that can complete this complicated process in just a day. This includes taking out the old countertops and installing the new granite ones, without causing your kitchen to go to disaster and stay that way. Moreover, it leaves you room to incorporate other new touches in your kitchen that you can the benefit of immediately; instead of waiting for weeks and weeks to see the end result of your remodeling efforts, a process that can get exhaustive.

how long does it take to install countertops

We DO NOT Leave Your Kitchen Like This!


The benefit of working with a company to install your granite countertops in a day is that the interruption to your kitchen space is minimized. It is a lot easier to be inconvenienced for one day than it is to be inconvenienced for several days. Moreover, an Arizona cabinet company that can install your granite countertops in just a day has the experience to understand why it is important not to render your kitchen unusable for days – or even weeks – at a time.  Relying on this skill and experience gives you the peace of mind in knowing that the job is going to be done right, the first time, and that you will have the ability to enjoy your beautiful granite countertops for a long time to come.