Kitchen Cabinet Showroom in Gilbert AZ

Choosing kitchen cabinets in Gilbert AZ can be daunting. There’s the wood, the texture, the color, the pattern, the combination of colors for granite countertops, the durability, and, of course, the cost. Sure, you can flip through magazines and look online for the perfect color combination, but when it comes right down to it the best way to get a feel for the perfect kitchen cabinets is to go to a cabinet showroom in Gilbert AZ.

Why Should You See Cabinets in Person?

There are a hundred different websites, including, where you can see another hundred different kitchen cabinet styles. You can even combine kitchen cabinet styles and colors with different kitchen design options, take quizzes and have programs decide on kitchen cabinet styles for you, and talk to the experts in live chats to find out what you need.

These are great options, and a wonderful place to start, but they won’t give you an actual, truthful, accurate portrayal of cabinet texture, durability, or cost. Until you can feel the kitchen cabinets with your own hands, understand the amazing history behind each American Made Waypoint piece, and hold them in your hands, you really have no idea what you want. You can pick and choose all of the colors and styles online, but until you feel that kitchen cabinet and understand how that feel will fit into your Arizona kitchen, you won’t be able to make an accurate choice.

How About Different Color Combinations?

At Capital Mark granite and kitchen cabinet showroom in Gilbert AZ, we have a variety of color combinations with not only granite countertops, but sinks, faucets, hardware and flooring. From light color schemes to dark trends, we’ve got it all.

Let’s Talk About Hardware

Sure, you can see different hardware styles online and try to imagine what they’d look like on your Gilbert kitchen cabinets, but why not see it in person. Just as with feeling the texture of the kitchen cabinets, nothing beats feeling the texture of hardware. A kitchen cabinet showroom in Gilbert AZ will give you a better idea of what styles of hardware you like. You can literally open and close drawers, cabinets and more with different hardware styles.

What About Gilbert Flooring?

When it comes to remodeling your Gilbert kitchen, the flooring is often overlooked by granite countertops and cabinets. But it’s the flooring that can truly make or break your kitchen remodel. From tile to hardwood, we’ve got it all on our flooring showroom in Gilbert AZ. Come down and compare colors and textures for yourself!