Arizona Cabinet Basics

When it comes to choosing cabinets for your kitchen space, it is important to know what you are choosing and what your options are in terms of décor and design. After all, not all Arizona cabinets are created equally and learning about the different style options available to you can help you make some key decisions down the line as you design – or re-design – your kitchen space.


To start, most cabinets are either wall or base cabinets. The difference between the two is that base cabinets are located on the kitchen floor – or on some other type of surface – while wall cabinets are affixed to the walls in your kitchen. The difference between cost for the two types is nominal; the major different comes down to how much space you will have after your Arizona cabinets have been installed and what kind of countertop options you will have available to you depending on whether you’ve chosen one or the other, or both. In most kitchen spaces, both types of utilized to afford you some versatility in your cabinet spaces, so that you can use the wall cabinets to store dishes and the lower cabinets for other heavier household items that you might not want stored in your wall-based Arizona cabinets.

Choosing cabinets also comes down to a decision between custom-built and ready-to-assemble. The difference in cost here is fairly significant; you will pay more out of pocked for custom Arizona cabinets than you will for those that are pre-assembled. However, your custom cabinets will make your kitchen more functional and may be well worth the added value to your home in the end.arizona cabinets


Cabinets are generally made out of different types of wood, including oak, cherry wood, oak, maple, hickory and walnut, among others. Hickory and burch cabinet woods are more for luxury cabinets that may not focus as much as function as they do form. For something affordable, simple and strong, oak is generally the best choice. The priciest woods are mahogany and walnut, both of which are expensive for use for something as large as a set of cabinets; however, all of these woods are extremely durable, so what you pay in cost, you make up for in the shelf life of your Arizona cabinets.


Installation is another area where you have to decide between working with a professional and attempting a do-it-yourself venture. In most instances, having a professional install this all-too-important component of your kitchen is the way to go. After all, your Arizona cabinets are quite an investment, so making careful decisions about installation, wood type and the overall design of the cabinet is key to choosing a set that is a good fit with your kitchen space.

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