How Are Arizona Cabinets Made

Cabinets serve as the main show piece in your kitchen. They are both functional and decorative, and depending on the style of cabinetry in AZ that you choose, your cabinets can last you for years. However, in deciding the exact look that you want for your cabinets, from the type of wood used to create them to the size and design of each set of cabinets, you should first have a basic understanding of how cabinets are made.


Arizona Cabinets

The first thing cabinetry in AZ professionals take into consideration is the space for the cabinets. Prefabricated cabinets are often utilized to fit into a standard space; however, some people prefer to customize cabinets to fit into a certain space and this is the first step in creating a new set of cabinets. The space is measures from the top of the ceiling to the area just above the countertop to determine how long the cabinets should be; then the space from wall to wall is measured to determine the width of each set of cabinets.


Then, the customer chooses the wood used to create the cabinets and any other design details, after which the official order for the cabinets is placed. Professionals in cabinetry in AZ measure out exact cuts of wood specific to the measurements for width and height. Each of those wood cuts is then put together and sealed with glue meant for wood specifically. Backing is usually the last component to be added. Cabinet doors are added last because they are manufactured separately, so they are added down the road.Custom Cabinets in Gilbert AZ


It should be noted that custom cabinets are manufactured in pieces and then delivered to the home or business for installation. At this point, the pieces start to come together and the cabinet begins to come together; before this point, it looks like separate pieces of cabinetry in AZ. For this reason, some people have a hard time visualizing the end result of their custom cabinets and often opt for prefabricated instead because they can see what these cabinets look like together in the store. However, it should be noted that custom cabinetry in AZ often is made of more durable product and is designed to fit your space and not the other way around.


Do your research before choosing new cabinetry in AZ to ensure that your wood choices and decorative decisions match whatever you have in mind for your kitchen space. Once you’ve ordered a set of custom cabinets, it can be hard to change course and it is important that you are happy with the end result. Once the process is finished, you will end up with a custom product that looks great and functions even better.