How Are Gilbert Granite Countertops Made?

Gilbert granite countertops are a beautiful addition to your kitchen, offering a functional countertop material that is also durable and aesthetically-pleasing. However, to get to the finished product, these countertops go through an arduous process of creation that starts with a rough granite slab and ends with a stunning countertop on which your appliances and various kitchen décor items will sit.


To start, Gilbert granite countertops are simply characterized by a piece of granite slab. The rough granite must be properly transported in order to ensure that the pieces don’t grind against one another during the transport process. Once the pieces are delivered, the stones are unloaded with the same care soas not to cause damage to the granite before the countertops are constructed. At this point, the stones are then cut into the proper sizes to create the countertops. In most instances, granite countertops are roughly an inch to two inches thick. This is thicker than the actual end result of the countertop; however, it must be thicker to ensure that the stonecutting professionals and countertop fabrication specialists have some extra stones with which to work.


The countertops are then pressurized around the edges to refine the stone some, after which they are finished. At this point, the countertops are then customized with various design elements – such as texturizing, for instance – to create the look desired by the customer for their kitchen. Gilbert granite countertops can be customized to just about any type of specification requested by the customer to create a unique look in their kitchen. The granite countertop is then profiled to harden and clean the surface of the granite as unfinished granite can break easily. This process creates the durability factor of the granite countertop, which makes it so appealing for those looking to upgrade their kitchen spaces.


Gilbert granite countertops are a solid investment in a kitchen space and are the optimal choice when upgrading countertop materials. They add value to your home and can make your kitchen look more polished and sophisticated than the space would look with another type of kitchen countertop material.  Choosing wisely when it comes to the customization and let the granite speak for itself. Gilbert granite countertops stand out for the quality of the granite and don’t need many bells and whistles in the customization process to make them stand out from other elements in the kitchen.