How To Deep Clean The Kitchen

Fall is right around the corner, which means most school districts have started school again for a new school year. After a summer full of kids that have been home, destroying everything in sight, it is time to start to put your house back together again. This likely starts with getting your Arizona kitchen in order with the deep cleaning it so desperately needs. Deep cleaning a kitchen is a bit more involved than your regular Saturday morning chores, so consider a few tips to get you started:


*Save the floors for last (but don’t forget them): Your floors likely need a deep cleaning with a super powerful cleanser and you will get to them. But not until you’ve cleaned the rest of the kitchen. If you clean the floors first in your Arizona kitchen, then while you are cleaning out clutter, wiping down countertops and such, you may find that you need to repeat the floor cleansing before the end of your deep cleaning project.


* Make your granite countertops shine: Chances are your granite countertops have taken a bit of a dirt beating over the summer. There may be stubborn stains or perhaps your kids only half cleaned up, resulting in a dull-looking countertop. Using some mild cleanser and warm water, use a sponge with one soft side and one abrasive side to clean off the counters without worrying about scratching up your countertops, while concentrating on getting the stains off.


* Clean out your Arizona kitchen cabinets: Your kitchen cabinets may be quite dirty and unorganized from kids rummaging around in them all summer. Take everything out and wipe down your cabinets from the inside out. Then, determine what you need, what needs to be replaced and what is just taking up unnecessary space in your Arizona kitchen cabinets and clean out your items accordingly. Replace them in an organized fashion, so that you can easily access whatever you need from your cabinets.


* Get that clutter out of your kitchen: Clean out clutter where possible. From that pile of bills on your countertop to the extra plastic bags you save from the store each time you go, clean out as much clutter as you can to really open up the space. Plus, it makes it that much easier to clean your kitchen the next time around.


The more you can do to make your kitchen a livable, clean space, the easier it will be to get your kids organized for the school year. From them perusing in your Arizona kitchen to find snacks after school to making lunch and breakfast for them in this space, the cleaner your kitchen, the easier it is to be efficient and effective when working on the confines of it.