Tips To Get Granite Countertops Extra Clean

Granite countertops in Mesa, AZ can add function and style to your kitchen area. They are the perfect investment, in part because of the value this countertop material adds to your home and because of the sophistication that granite can add to this highly trafficked space in your home. Appliances look great positioned on this kitchen material, and it is durable enough to stack and store just about anything. Cleaning granite countertops isn’t a huge challenge either; it comes clean fairly easily if you know the right way to go about doing it.


It should be noted that you should never clean your granite countertop with the typical all-purpose cleaning product. These products often contain harsh chemicals that can eat away at the surface of the granite, making it more vulnerable to scratches and the color of the stone less vibrant.


To start, granite countertops in Mesa, AZ aren’t often obviously messy. In fact, some people report that it is downright difficult to determine when granite is dirty. This is, in part, because of the designs of the granite that makes even dirt look like part of the overall look of the granite. In fact, the best way to know just how dirty your granite countertops are is to wipe over them with a microfiber cloth, which will remove some of the excess dirt and grime. The beauty of using these cloths is that instead of just pushing the dirt around on the granite, defeating the purpose of cleaning it in the first place, it instead lifts the dirt from the granite surface.


Next, you can take a clean cloth and spray some mild cleanser, pH balanced preferably, onto your granite countertops in Mesa, AZ. This protects the sealant of the granite, so that the stone on your countertops is not compromised. You can make your own cleanser with mild dish soap and warm water. Spray it on the countertop and wipe firmly to get off tough stains. Finally, finish up your cleaning process by running your hand over the countertop. You will know your granite countertops in Mesa, AZ are clean if you don’t pick up any excess dirt on your hands after you’ve cleaned it. This is also a good way to know if you’ve missed a spot here and there and need to do any follow-up cleaning on your countertops.