Current Arizona Kitchen Trends

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house nowadays.  Instead of being closed out from other sections of the house, the kitchen is now the center of family gatherings and one of the main focal points of the house.  An inviting kitchen created for cooking and entertaining has been the concept for some time now and it will continue to be designed for such use, but with a lot more exciting options and selections for home owners.  The concept is simplicity, efficiency, comfort and natural.


The Arizona Kitchens have come a long way from the traditional southwest them with duel and light colors. Now some appliances are offered in many vibrant colors which will help liven things up and transmit positive energy. For those who love stainless steel appliances, this will continue to be the favored option. The latest trend in Arizona and kitchens across the country are appliances that are smarter. No more knobs and bulky handles. Touch screens with one tap “on” functions and menus filled with various selections similar to a computer are becoming standard on new refrigerators, microwaves, stoves, ovens, and dishwashers. It’s the modern technology built for preserving energy. The look and style, will be smooth and glossy with a contemporary feel.


Another kitchen trend is the new kitchens are the countertops which include quartz, glass, and wood in various style and color. Backsplashes choices are colorful bright glass or small tile.  These shiny glass and tiles nicely accents the sleek, clean contemporary cabinets. This look has become very popular because it can give the kitchen nice flow with the right color arrangements.


Although contemporary cabinets with vintage looks are now the trend, the traditional cabinets where appliances are hidden, with nicely detail paneling are not a thing of the past. This look will continue to be the trend for a while yet. Other popular colors are white cabinets which seem to be the color of choice. Other looks include natural colored cabinets coupled with second complimenting color.

Regardless of the choices home owners make, the clear trend is new kitchen technology. Arizona kitchens are trending towards efficiency, environmentally friendly and simplicity with modern technology.