How To Remove Hardwood Flooring

The most important things first when it comes to removing flooring is that you to have the proper tools. Arizona flooring specializes in tips for removing floors. The tools needed are floor scraper, hammer, and flat bar with a nail puller.


Start off by removing the trim around the base of the walls by wedging the flat bar into the trim and pressing downwards. Once you get the trim off it should be fairly easy to pull of the vinyl or carpet off the floor using the floor scraper to remove the carpet from the surface. The floor scraper will allow you get underneath the carpet making it easier to remove.


Next use the hammer and flat bar to remove the cobles or underneath wood surface that is under the floor. Take the flat bar, wedge it under the cobles and pri it up by hitting the back of the flat bar with the hammer. Once the flat board is wedged in there really good you can start ripping it out of the ground.


Then remove the underlayment using the same tools and technics as the cobles only you want to hammer the flat bar inwards to lift the underlayment.


Note: there is a lot of nail underneath this layer so be sure to pull as many big pieces at a time.  Use a hammer to knock down any staples that may be sticking up and be sure not to get a nail in your knee.


After you have removed the old flooring you are now ready to lay you new flooring. Arizona flooring recommends using a standard cement fiber board. Lay board down on the subfloor. Measure and cut cement board using a circular saw to fit desired area. Use a compression staple gun, nails, or screws to secure the cement floor to the subfloor.