Mix and Match Materials and Colors In Your Kitchen

When it comes to planning out your kitchen, chances are you carefully coordinate everything from the wood of your kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ to the matching countertops and backsplashes to even your appliances and furnishings. However, one of the latest trends in kitchen design does just the opposite, incorporating a mix and mix color and material scheme into the kitchen space for added sophistication and pizazz.

A mix and match approach works especially well for kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ and larger elements, such as countertops or flooring. This look works particularly well for a country-themed kitchen, as it looks more organically sourced when you opt for a variety of woods and stains that each enhance your kitchen in a different way.

For instance, you might opt for lighter granite for your countertops and a darker mahogany for your kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ for a light and dark contrasting approach. Alternatively, you could do a light wood for your countertops and a completely white –wash decorative approach for your cabinets. The point is to choose colors, materials and stains that contrast well together, but aren’t so matched up that the ensuing look is fairly monochrome.

If you want to go truly dramatic, you could go with a dark cherry or chocolate wood on your counters with corresponding white-washed kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ. You then have the freedom to incorporate other colors in your design palette to brighten up the space. For instance, with the cherry and white combination, you could do mustard yellow appliances to brighten up the palette even more. The more adventurous you are in planning your kitchen’s design scheme, the more you may find that this is a place in which you enjoy spending time.