A Guide To Choosing Wood For Your Kitchen Cabinets

Your cabinets are the centerpiece of your kitchen; they are the first thing people notice upon entering this space and they may get more use than any other components in the kitchen, aside from the refrigerator and the floor. You store things in your kitchen cabinets Arizona that you utilize on a daily basis, so it stands to reason that every decision you make in choosing cabinet materials is important.

To start, it helps to understand the woods most commonly used to make kitchen cabinets, so that you can not only choose the one that you find most aesthetically-pleasing, but also the one that fits your budget and is durable enough for the level of use that your kitchen cabinets Arizona see in your specific kitchen space.

Maple: This is a medium wood that often has a zany curly or wavy grain pattern, though it can be found in a straight pattern as well. It is durable and has a light appearance that gives the kitchen a cleaner look when it is used for kitchen cabinet designs. It can be refinished to look like other woods, which makes it a popular choice for people that like to change things up often. It can used for kitchens with a lighter and more airy feel, or for kitchens that have contrasting woods for a more dramatic look. It also retains quite a bit of shock resistance, so this is a good option for kitchen cabinets Arizona that are used often.

Oak: This hard wood is fairly heavy and has a coarser look to the grains of the wood. It is a distinctive wood that has a specific pattern that is hard to miss. It holds a stain well and can mesh well with other types of wood and decorative elements in your kitchen. It is a classic look, which is why it is among the more popular wood used for kitchen cabinets Arizona. It is also fairly durable and can be purchased in a light white-wash hue or a darker reddish color.

Birch: This is a less commonly used wood, but has good shock resistance similar to maple and stains as well as any of the other woods. It is a bit more expensive, so you may tend to see this more in high end kitchens, but the color variations are well worth any range in price. Because the nature wood of a tree varies in color from lighter hues to dark reddish hued woods, this is reflected in birch kitchen cabinet Arizona designs. It goes well for a sophisticated setting as well as a more tame design.

Hickory: This is the strongest of all possible woods to use for your kitchen cabinets Arizona and has funky accent swooshes around the wood that make it look more decorative than other more commonly used material for kitchen cabinets Arizona. You can stain this wood, like the others, but it doesn’t take the stain quite as well as maple or oak. It is a bit more expensive, but that’s because you get a more brilliant array of colors naturally with this wood material.

Cherry: This is the wood of luxury kitchens and those kitchen cabinets Arizona that are made of cherry are top of the line. Generally, you are going to see the craftsmanship behind this type of cabinet as well, as these are generally custom-made and very striking. Cherry wood is generally a deep colored hue and ages well. It is a durable material and warms up any kitchen setting. However, it is the most expensive of all woods, so keep that in mind if this is a consideration for your kitchen.

When you are choosing your woods, there are more considerations than just the type of wood. You also need to think about how your choice of wood plays off of the other elements in your kitchen. For instance, if you have quite a bit of light in your kitchen, then a darker cherry wood might come across as too oppressive. Conversely, natural light plays well with the light hue of oak. These are the things to think about when choosing the wood for your kitchen cabinets Arizona.