Decorate Your Kitchen To Give It Flair

When it comes to kitchen updates, many people consider the major changes that need to be made, such as replacing Arizona cabinets or installing new appliances. However, there are many ways to update your kitchen and focus on decorating versus the concept of functionality. Once you’ve got the contemporary, functional kitchen of your dreams, then it’s time to make it pretty. Consider a few tips to decorative your kitchen to give it some added flair:

  • Put your family heirlooms on parade: From recipes written out to you from an older family member to vintage photos of family and friends, the treasures that have been collecting dust in boxes in the garage look great framed and placed on the blank walls between your kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ. It gives your kitchen character and adds life to the space.
  • Display foods in see-through containers: Food itself can be a decorative element, because of the varied colors in which it can be found. Purchase differently-sized containers that are clear and put your food on display. Brightly colored cereals, grains and pastas, dried vegetables and snack foods are all colorful and can be displayed around the kitchen, under Arizona cabinets and on countertops.
  • Put fruit on display: Fruit is always great for color in your kitchen and easy access for your friends and family to ingest something healthy. Artfully arrange it hanging from the ceiling in beautiful baskets aside your kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ or on the kitchen table, front and center. Not only does this add colorful beauty to the space, but also it provide entry to a dialogue about eating healthy and the ripening process of fresh foods. This is particularly poignant for people with kids.
  • Put up a bulletin board in your kitchen: There are sometimes odd spaces between your Arizona cabinets and it can be hard to know what to fill them with. Cut up funky-sized pieces of corkboard and hang the pieces in your kitchen. Then, devote each one to a different cause; for instance, all of your coupons and shopping list can go on one board, while school information can go on another. You can hang inspirational quotes on one bulletin board, while hanging candid photographs of family and friends on another.
  • Hang shelves for extra space and cover them in wallpaper:Wallpaper is not just for your walls; it can add pizzazz to your kitchen shelves as well. If you don’t want to clutter your kitchen cabinets with small items, then take a few pieces of wood and decorate them in varying styles of wallpaper. Then, anchor the wood and ta-da, you have floating shelves.
    • Place plates on the wall: Plates aren’t just for eating; they can make your kitchen look great as well. Forge about expensive art; buy colorful plates with patterns that you like for your kitchen walls.
    • Make a place for kitchen towels: You can create a unique space to hang dish towels of varying sizes using glass doorknobs. You can hang these doorknobs in the corner of the kitchen, collecting them from garage sales and used classifieds, and use them to add charm and funk to your space.
    • Re-use old buckets: Chances are, you store your umbrellas somewhere in the kitchen because the flooring lends itself to the extra water that can sometimes drip off of them. However, it can be challenging to find a place in which to store umbrellas that doesn’t include laying them across the counter. Re-use an old bucket, paint bottom a solid color and then shine it up and you have an instant umbrella stand on the cheap.
    • Decorate your chair backs: From sophisticated kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ to decorative wall items, your kitchen by this point has plenty of style. Take it one step further by decorating the backs of the chairs at your kitchen table. You can do this with heavy-duty craft paper in a bold design.  You can either do one design or a bunch of different ones if you want something less matchy and funkier. You can even line the inside of your Arizona cabinets in the same paper used on the backs of your kitchen chairs.