Odd Space: How To Decorate Above and Below Your Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to the overall design scheme of your kitchen, there may be many things to keep in mind. From paint colors to appliances, each decision plays a part in the way that your kitchen looks once it is finished. However, two of the hardest areas to figure out are the spaces above and below your kitchen cabinets in Gilbert AZ. These spaces tend to be awkward in terms of dimensions and since your kitchen cabinets are the centerpiece of this space, you don’t want to go overboard on the décor and take away from the beauty and presence of the cabinet material. Consider a few tips for decorating the space above and below the kitchen cabinets in order to make the maximum use of your kitchen space and ensure that the look meshes with the rest of this space’s décor.


  • Set collectibles atop your kitchen cabinets in Gilbert AZ:  If you want a space that is out of reach for kids or guests, then set some of your favorite collectibles in the space above your kitchen cabinets. Not only does this add another decorative layer to your kitchen.
  • Stuff the space with plants: The space above the cabinets is perfect to display some greenery in your kitchen. The best part is that you can use faux plants to decorate this space and stuff a slew of vines and other green plants into it and have it look like a jungle atop your kitchen.
  • Store baskets atop your cabinets: If you need a storage space for all of your extra baskets, the top of your kitchen cabinets in Gilbert AZ might be the best space. Not only is this is a way to keep your baskets out of reach so they aren’t ruined inadvertently when not in use, but the wicker design of the baskets adds another layer of texture to the kitchen.
  • Display plates: Plates are notorious for somehow getting broken when on display (stray balls being thrown in the house, people bumping into the wall and breaking a plate, etc.), but if the plates are located atop your kitchen cabinets, not only are they less likely to be broken, but the cabinets are more sturdy than the walls. This means you don’t have to worry about them being shaken easily either.


  • Light up the space underneath your cabinets: The space underneath your cabinet is a great place to add more light to your kitchen area. You can do a nice low level of lighting that provides an ambient lighting to the sink area and the countertops.
  • Install a killer backsplash: Backsplash adds a burst of creative color to your kitchen, and looks best when it is located underneath the cabinets. Combined with simple decorative elements strategically located here and there on the countertops and low lighting, a backsplash made of funky pieces of patterned or brightly-hued tiles creates a “splash” of its own.
  • Set up spices in glass jars around the entire perimeter of your cabinet line: This is a way to combine both function and design, since spices come in so many unique colors and textures. Use mason jars or glass jars that look the same, but may vary in size, and line them up underneath your kitchen cabinets in Gilbert AZ. Fill them with your favorite spices and label them accordingly, so you know what is what when you are reaching for a new flavor.
  • Candle-o-rama: If you want your kitchen to smell amazing, but don’t have any space to keep your candles, line them up underneath your kitchen cabinets. Not only will this create a visually-interesting display of color and size, but also it will ensure that the space under your cabinets always smells good.

The more you can do to make your kitchen cabinets in Gilbert AZ stand out, the better your kitchen will look. Cabinet spaces are a real investment of time and space, so you want the entire area to look as good as possible. Adding accessories, lighting, specialty paint and even funky decorative elements can create a stylish aspect of your kitchen that complements all of your other efforts in this space.