Top Colors For The Kitchen

When it comes to conceiving of a design scheme for the kitchen, there are a number of considerations that may come to mind. From the color of the walls to the appliances you may choose for the space, each decision plays a part in how your overall kitchen space will look. However, in terms of color, there is more than just the hue on the wall to think about; the entire color scheme for your kitchen can play a role in how the space feels and how comfortable you are within it. Here are a few top colors for the kitchen that incorporate the hue of your Arizona cabinets and the decorative elements that complement it.

When Life Hands You Lemons…

Yellow is not only energetic and lively, it brightens up any space instantly. However, it is possible to go overboard on the sunshine, so when you are using yellow in your kitchen, there are a few guidelines to follow. Go with white Arizona cabinets and a multi-hued backsplash, before doing a half white, half yellow split color scheme, for an eye-catching look to your kitchen.

Seeing Red

Red creates a rich, sophisticated feel to your kitchen, and works best when used as a pop of color here and there. Opt for dark wood Arizona cabinets and white countertops, preferably in a durable and aesthetically-pleasing granite, and then pop in red here and there. You might go with red appliances and red recessed lighting. If you have a bar, then you might try red barstools, as well.

Pumpkin Spice

It doesn’t have to be fall for you to fall in love with pumpkin. You can use it to create a warm, comfortable feeling to your kitchen space. If you want to go bold, then paint the walls with a pumpkin glaze; you can also do pumpkin-hued cabinets with complementary natural stone countertops and pumpkin accents around the kitchen.

Let A Little Sky In….

Cool blue is soothing, but stylish, so it is a nice color to explore in your kitchen space. This is particularly so if you are a fan of the beach or any type of water setting. Stainless steel fixtures and light blue walls can be complemented by bright white Arizona cabinets and white wicker furniture. It’s a nice way to bring a beachy feeling to a space that you use every day.