Cabinet Updates That Look Expensive, But Aren’t

So you’ve decided you want to upgrade your kitchen, the Gilbert cabinets in particular, but you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to accomplish a certain look. There are several ways to upgrade your Arizona cabinets to look like they have had an uber expensive make-over without the sticker shock. Consider a few tips:

  • Paint your cabinets: This is something that you otherwise might not deign to attempt. However, a fresh coat of paint on your cabinets can not only make them look more updated, but also create a brand new color palette in your kitchen. If you don’t want to go for a full-on paint job for your Gilbert cabinets, then you might consider a new stain or refinishing just to make them look a little fresher again.
  • Replace hardware: This might seem like the simplest way to jazz up your Arizona cabinets, but new cabinet hardware can make your kitchen cabinets look like a million bucks. From new knobs to new hinges that add greater functionality to your cabinets, this small touch can go a long way.
  • Add shelving: Again, another fairly simple addition to your Arizona cabinets that may seem like a small improvement, but end up making your cabinets look so much more expensive than they actually are. You can make this a do-it-yourself project or work with your local cabinet company to install shelving, preferably the type that pulls out of your Gilbert cabinets, to make them not only more visually appealing, but functional as well. You can do different types of shelving in different cabinets, depending on what you keep in them. For instance, pull out shelving might work best in those cabinets that hold food, while built-in rotating shelving might work in spice cabinets. Larger space between shelving might work best in cabinets that hold dishes, while spinning shelves might work for cabinets with cups.
  • Replace wood doors with glass panels: This is a super fancy way to upgrade your cabinets without spending an arm and a leg. Work with your Gilbert cabinet installation company to replace the doors on your kitchen cabinets with glass panels. You can go with a simple glass or something more decorative, such as an etched glass. This not only gives you a visual on whatever you’ve got in your Arizona cabinets, but also adds an entirely new stylish element to your kitchen.