Go Green In Your Kitchen

These days, it seems as though everyone is trying to go green in all facets of life; from trying to reduce those gas emissions from vehicles to reducing a carbon footprint by going paperless, going green is more than just a trend. For many, it’s become a way of life. For this reason, going green when it comes to the home is key as well. From choosing environmentally-friendly materials out of which to creating Arizona cabinets in the kitchen to eating more sustainably, it seems like this efforts is starting with a bang – in the kitchen.

The kitchen is the centerpiece of the home; the place in which everyone gathers on a daily basis to share ideas and stories about the day, get nourishment, work on projects and just linger, enjoying the warm ambiance while someone makes a meal. Getting more environmentally-friendly in your kitchen requires a concerted effort, as this is not an easy space in which to do so. Consider a few tips to go green in your kitchen:

  • Get rid of plastic grocery bags: In addition to bringing reusable bags when you head to the store, it is important not to keep these bags when you come home. Instead, replace those harmful plastic grocery bags that may be taking up space in your kitchen cabinets Gilbert, AZ with reusable bags that you can take with you and then utilize to store other things while they sit in your kitchen.
  • Use kitchen products that focus on sustainability: Going green isn’t just centered on Arizona cabinets and the materials used in the large components of your kitchen. It can be small efforts as well. For instance, using glass storage containers for left-over food instead of plastic that breaks down over time is a small step. Also, purchase a slow cooker to make one-pot meals for reduced energy usage in your home; the plus here is that slow cookers can churn out some amazing dishes.
  • Use your dishwasher: That’s right; this might seem like an odd way to go green in your kitchen, but when you wash your dishes by hand, you are using up much more water than needed. By comparison, if you wash a full load of dishes in the dishwasher, you are using up 37% less water.
  • Remodel with eco-friendly Arizona cabinets: You can remodel into a more environmentally-friendly space and have fabulous kitchen cabinets Gilbert, AZ to boot. Utilize a natural wood and ask to seal any exposed edges. When you don’t, the adhesive used to put together the particleboard from which your Arizona cabinets are constructed leaves the formaldehyde contained in the adhesive seeping into your kitchen. These potentially hazardous vapors are taking away from the good, clean air that you expect to breathe in this space on a daily basis. Replace your kitchen cabinets Gilbert, AZ and be sure to have your edges sealed when you do.

The more you can do to create an environmentally-friendly area in your kitchen, the better you and your family will feel in using this space and interacting within it. Even small steps can make a huge difference and remember that upgrades to your home translate into higher value should you decide to sell at some point. So you can’t go wrong in any efforts you make to create a greener kitchen space and even if you just do one or two things at a time to make this space more environmentally-friendly, you are making a contribution that will benefit your family for some time to come. This is well worth the investment of financial resources, time and effort.