Remodel Your Kitchen With Universal Appeal In Mind

When you opt to go for a kitchen remodel, there are several considerations to keep in mind. From how much value the remodel will add to your home to the installation of major elements, such as Gilbert cabinets and new appliances, each consideration contributes to the overall success of this space. However, one thing you may have not considered in your remodeling plans is enhancing the universal appeal of this shared space.

Creating a universal kitchen means making a space that can be used by just about anyone, including those with any special needs. Consider a few tips on making Arizona cabinets and the rest of your space as functional and universal as possible:

  • Increase accessibility of Gilbert cabinets by creating taller upper cabinet spaces on the countertop to make it easily accessible for those that are height challenged. This increases the overall efficiency of your Arizona cabinets and ensures that people of all heights can use them. You might also use a longer handle that is easier to grab and reach in opening the cabinets; yes, even your cabinet hardware can be universal in appeal.
  • Make countertops at table height: This might seem like an odd request for a kitchen remodel, but it increases the universal appeal of the kitchen much like raising the top Arizona cabinets space does in the previous tip. The idea here is to make the countertop accessible to people in wheelchairs or small children, which promotes greater independence. You might also include overhangs if you have any bar areas in your kitchen.
  • Avoid complex appliances: Opt for appliances with large buttons, easy-to-use mechanisms and keep everything at countertop height. If you store things up too high, such as on top of the refrigerator, between uses, then it may be hard for a shorter or impaired person to reach it. Store appliances between uses on bottom shelves and decrease the amount of shelving in each of your Gilbert cabinets to allow space for storage.
  • Create a well-lit kitchen: This is key because accidents can happen easily in the kitchen when it is too dim. Install bright track lighting around the kitchen and include a dimmer switch. This way, anyone can adjust the lighting from a level that is easy to reach and manipulate. In addition to customizing your Arizona cabinets, lighting plays a big role in creating a kitchen that is universal and appealing to people of varied heights and abilities.