Tips on Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

When it comes to choosing the smaller elements of your kitchen, there are so many decisions to be made. From picking out tile for a backsplash to light fixtures, each small decorative decision plays into the larger scheme of your kitchen and affects the overall end result. This is also true of hardware for your Arizona kitchen cabinets. This might not be as important a consideration during the time when you are choosing cabinet materials or designing the look of the cabinets with a professional cabinet contractor. But when that process is complete, it’s the little details that come into play.


From latches and handles to knobs, each decision is an investment in the look of your kitchen space. These details add style to your kitchen without being an overbearing decorative element, like other aspects of the kitchen. In other words, while Arizona kitchen cabinets are not as bold and bright as a tile backsplash and don’t make you ooh and aah like new appliances, your kitchen would look more bare without the right hardware and your cabinets certainly wouldn’t function as well.


So, how do you go about choosing kitchen cabinet knobs? The process starts with matching the shape of your hardware choices to the overall design scheme in your kitchen. For instance, if your kitchen is a geometrical design scheme, then your hardware might be found in different shapes and bold colors. Conversely, if you have a flower theme going on in your kitchen, then floral-shaped hardware will complement the theme.


When it comes to starting to choose the right knobs, consider the type of knob you plan to use. For instance, instead of the traditional round knob, you might consider the more sleek and sophisticated bar pull. Not only does this look more contemporary, but also it added functionality to your Arizona kitchen cabinets. They become just that much easier to pull open because of the bar feature versus the small and sometimes slippery knobs.


In terms of décor, you’ve got quite a few options. You might match the material of your chosen knobs to the primary material found in your kitchen. For instance, if granite was used to create your countertops and perhaps even your flooring, this might be a good choice for your Arizona kitchen cabinets knobs. If you’ve got quite a bit of metal in your kitchen, then this might be the optimal material for your kitchen cabinet knobs. If you want to go the decorative route, then you might try a customized kitchen cabinet knob with a family crest or your initial on it.


You also have to consider the era in which your kitchen is reflective. If you are an artsy type, then a ceramic or most rustic-looking knob would complement the space. If you have a more traditional set of Arizona kitchen cabinets, then porcelain is a good way to go. The more you match your knobs with each element of your kitchen, the better it will look.


It is also important not to overlook over key aspects of your kitchen cabinet set up and accessories. Hinges are important hardware components because they directly affect the functionality of the Arizona kitchen cabinets. While this choice is not as much about the look of the element, as kitchen cabinets knobs are, you still want hinges that look nice and provide complementary appeal to your kitchen cabinets. With this in mind, consider the theme of your kitchen and choose hinges appropriately. Sleek, sophisticated kitchens might call for silver knobs with matching hinges; country but contemporary kitchen may look best with a brass hinge on the kitchen cabinets in Arizona.


These may seem like more insignificant decisions, particularly when you are still trying to determine how you want your Arizona kitchen cabinets to look and function. However, the best part about choosing knobs and other types of cabinet-related hardware is that you can change your mind if you aren’t happy with your original decision. Therefore, if you choose a design or color, of even a material, that you don’t necessarily feel happy with after seeing it within the rest of your kitchen design scheme, you can always make changes down the road.