What to Store in Bottom Cabinets

You may use your top row of Arizona cabinets much more than you access the bottom ones. After all, these are the cabinets that likely hold your dishes and other things you may use on a daily basis. You might also store food and other spices and items in your top row of cabinets for easier access. However, it may be less clear what the best items are to store in your bottom row of Arizona cabinets. Consider a few ideas:

  • Vases and other floral accessories: When you keep floral accessories, like vases, in one place, you never need to root around to find them when you buy flowers or receive them for a special occasion. Since you don’t like use the bottom row of cabinets on a daily basis, this is a good spot for these items until you need them.
  • Glassware: Keeping glassware on a high shelf can be risky, since if it falls out, it can easily break. Keep it close to the ground, so that if something topples over, there is less of a chance that it will break.
  • Pots and pans:  The bottom row of Arizona cabinets is perfect for pots and pans, as these cabinets tend to be a bit roomier. This provides the space needed for these larger kitchen components.
  • Cleaning supplies: Most people keep cleaning supplies in a bottom row of your Arizona cabinets, as this allows you to keep these chemicals separate from food items. Just keep in mind that if you have little ones, keeping cleaning supplies in a bottom cabinet allows them to more easily access these items.
  • Appliances that don’t normally sit out on your countertops: If you have an appliance that you don’t use often, but don’t want to put it away in a storage closet, keep it organized on your bottom row of Arizona cabinets. This allows you to access it easily should you find that you need it while conducting kitchen-related activities.

The more you put items neatly in your bottom row of Arizona cabinets, the more efficient your top row will be for daily use. Moreover, you can keep unsightly items out of plain view and access them only when you need them. A bottom row of Arizona cabinets provides a unique storage space close to the area that you will use many of the items, which is part of what makes using this area of your kitchen optimal.