Add A Dose of Holiday Cheer To Your Kitchen

Now that the holidays are imminent and the season is not only in full swing, but the big day has almost manifested, it may be tempting to let the stress overtake you as presents sit waiting to be wrapped, recipes sit awaiting to be tried and family and friends come from near and far for the celebration. With so much going on, you need as much cheer as you can get – both for yourself and in your home. From your Arizona cabinets to the kitchen table around which you will be merry with loved ones, add a dose of cheer to this shared space to enhance your holiday joy:

Spritz up the space with mistletoe: Be it with smooches for your honey, your children or friends, strategically place mistletoe around your kitchen for added holiday spice. You might hang it from your kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ, so that when someone removes a dish, you get a kiss. This is a fun way to enhance your existing closeness for the season.

String garland around your space: You may already have your kitchen holiday decorations hung and bringing a sense of festivity to the space. Enhance it with garland or tinsel, going from your Arizona kitchen cabinets to the major appliances and throughout the kitchen for added holiday cheer.

Sweeten up your kitchen with good smells: Be it from recipes that you are venturing to try during the holidays or through candles that represent the holiday feel, the better your kitchen smells, the more festive you will feel as your senses are inundated with the smells of good cheer.

Put up a mini-tree just for your kitchen: Instead of the well-appointed piece you may have in your living room or den area, make this one a more creative and representative version of your family. Allow everyone to hang on it a homemade ornament or perhaps several notes with wishes for the new year. Make this a unique decoration that can sit in the shared space between your Arizona cabinets.

You can use all components of your kitchen, from your kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ to your appliances, tables and any other open air to create good cheer and holiday festivities in a space of the house that everyone uses on a daily basis. This will enhance your holiday celebrations and help make everyone feel right at home.