Creative Additions to Your Kitchen

You’ve got the major components of your kitchen: the Arizona kitchen cabinets, countertops, durable flooring and standard appliances. However, once you’ve got the space laid out and functional, then it’s time to go back in and integrate a few creative upgrades that add character to your kitchen. After all, it’s the space in the home where you likely spend the most time, so you want it to both reflect your taste and style and be as functional as possible. Consider a few tips to make your kitchen more creative:


Thrift, thrift and thrift some more: You’d be amazed at the items you can find in thrift stores for a little bit of cash and a whole lot of style. Complement a basic set of kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ with an old school baking rack or 1950s kitchen décor. You may have to spend some time combing through the thrift store offerings, but a good score can make your kitchen look eclectic and creative.


Kid’s art backsplashes: The area between your Arizona cabinets and your countertops can sometimes seem a little bland. If you want to add a touch of fun and color to that space, while making it as personalized as possible, use your kid’s favorite drawings to do so. Have their favorite picture put on pieces of tile, which you can then use to make an amazing backsplash in your kitchen. If your kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ and the rest of the space seem fairly serious, this is a good way to lighten it up a bit.


Roll in a filing cabinet: If you need a creative way to get some extra storage in what is traditionally not a very storage-friendly space, then a filing cabinet might be just what you need. Store it alongside the space where your countertops and Arizona kitchen cabinets end and place a wood cutting board on top of it. Not only will it seem like part of the natural structure of the kitchen, but also is adds an entirely new depth of functionality that gives you amazing storage space.


The more you think outside of the box when you are coming with creative ways to complement your kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ and other aspects of your kitchen space, the more you might find that your kitchen is not only a place where you automatically spend time each day, but it will become a part of your home that you want to be in.