Organize Your Kitchen For The New Year

One of the things people most like to do as the new year comes in is get as organized as possible. There is something about the month of January that has become synonymous with getting clean and getting organized, particularly in shared spaces like the kitchen. From re-organizing your kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ to re-arranging the pantry for increased efficiency, consider a few top tips to organize your space with effectiveness and creativity.

  • Hook on to your cabinets: Your Gilbert kitchen cabinets are the ultimate source of organization in your kitchen. They not only hold food, but dishes and other kitchen-related items as well. With this in mind, you want to use every possible inch of them, including the exterior. Install some hooks on the exterior doors to hold extraneous kitchen items, including tin buckets to hold dish rags or lightweight kitchen tools.
  • Paint a door in chalk: That’s right, chalkboard paint can go a long way and increase organization in your kitchen like you wouldn’t believe. Painting the door of one of your kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ or even an entire wall gives you the freedom to write menu plans on the wall or even keep a running grocery list so you never forget anything you might need to get from the store.
  • Use clear jars and see-through containers to keep your spice cabinet and/or pantry organized: The areas in which you keep food tend to get the most unorganized, the quickest. Use see-through containers, mason and larger glass jars to get yourself organized in these spaces. If you can see what it inside of a specific container, it makes it a lot easier to pull it out as you need it. Moreover, jars and containers tend to stack well, so you can save space in your Gilbert kitchen cabinets and pantry, as needed.
  • Put a tension rod under your kitchen sink: You can then hang cleaning supplies from their nozzles, giving you more space along the underside of your lower kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ. This makes the most of an effective storage space.
  • Do the same in your pantry: Only this time, store the tension rods horizontally, so that you have dedicated spaces for certain items. You would be surprised by how much more organized your pantry and/or Gilbert kitchen cabinets spaces stay once you stock them with foods, dishes and other supplies.