Experiment With Gloss on Kitchen Cabinets in Gilbert, AZ

There are plenty of ways to add drama to your kitchen space. Perhaps you’ve elected to do it through the use of large, bold paintings hung in your kitchen, or alternatively, you’ve opted to go with a colorful backsplash to serve for both form and function. Whatever your choice, you can add to the drama of your kitchen space by adding a dose of high gloss to your Gilbert cabinets.


This is a huge trend for 2013 and is a great way to showcase fabulously designed laminate cabinets. Additionally, for those looking for a more retro look to their kitchen, lacquered finishes on kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ provide style and sophisticated to a kitchen that has other elements of mod appeal.


Part of the appeal of glossy Arizona cabinets is that they have a more polished look, which is in part, why it is such a popular trend. People have steered more towards the austere in kitchen cabinets trends or, on the opposite end of the design spectrum, tried a warm and more country kitchen-inspired look. High gloss is the best of both worlds – it still offers the opportunity for warmth or, if you so desire, you can go with a glossy cool hue for a more simple and austere look. The beauty of high gloss laminates for Arizona kitchen cabinets is that they come in a variety of different colors; from cherry red to forest green to natural wood grain hues.


It is best to have your Arizona cabinets done in high gloss by the professionals. Otherwise you risk a finish that has obvious imperfections or simply doesn’t go on smoothly enough. Moreover, when you have it done professionally, you can actually save money on the process, since you aren’t going through the trial-and-error process that it may take by doing-it-yourself. This isn’t the area to skip out on quality, since your Gilbert cabinets are such a major part of your kitchen.


High gloss cabinets can stand on their own as a primary design element of your kitchen, which means you may want to tone it down with other choices in appliances, paint colors and decorative elements of your kitchen. You might also consider accent elements on the actual cabinets, such as funky hardware or unique elements like transparent doors, to enhance the overall appeal of your Arizona cabinets.


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