Kitchen Design Trends For 2013

One of the best parts for homeowners about the New Year is the presence of trends in all areas of the home that allow for upgrades to décor and design to breathe new life into the space overall. For the kitchen, in particular, trends this year are going in the direction of more sophisticated woods for Arizona cabinets and creative ways to organize the small spaces within this larger area of the home.

  • Wood change: For 2013, kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ are going natural. Forget about the heavy, rich finish of woods like cherry, which were big in 2012. Now, oak, birch and bamboo are taking center stage for Gilbert cabinets in 2013 and homeowners are going with a natural hue for the wood. This can complement just about any look to your kitchen and gives you a natural palette with which to work for your decorative choices and the rest of your corresponding kitchen design.
  • Darker finishes: While the wood for your kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ might be getting lighter, the finishes put on the wood are actually getting a bit darker. The wood doesn’t necessarily get darker in appearance, but rather, it enhances the look of the wood of your Gilbert cabinets. The end result is more pop and a more pronounced look to your Arizona cabinets. This sets the stage for the rest of the design in your kitchen area.
  • More efficient lighting: LED lighting is the trend for 2013 in kitchen designs, which is a more energy efficient option. LED lights now come in a vast array of design choices and look trendy, while saving you money on your electric bill. Moreover, you can use LED lighting under your kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ and around the more well-used spots in your kitchen, such as over your kitchen table or in a built-in work area. Lighting is important in your kitchen and should be one of your chief considerations, aside from your choice of Arizona cabinets and matching countertops and flooring.
  • Trendy fixtures: From lighting fixtures to enhanced faucets, trendy and innovative fixtures are going to be big for 2013. Sleek faucets and funky designs on light fixtures exemplify ways to make your kitchen more colorful, decorative and unique. The more colorful you can infuse into this space, the more energy and vibrance you will feel any time you are in it.