Maintain Smell-Free Kitchen Spaces

Your kitchen should be a place from which smells from your culinary creations waft through the rest of the house. However, it should not be a place from which the smell of day-old garbage, left-overs from the fridge or old foods in your Arizona cabinets, clings to the space making it downright unbearable without the benefit of a powerful air freshener. Make your kitchen smell free, or least free of any smell except for those dishes you create to tantalize the taste buds of your loved ones and invited guests. Consider some tips to make this possible:

  • Clean out your kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ frequently: If you store food in your Arizona cabinets, clear out anything past its expiration date without hesitation. If not, then make sure dishes and other kitchen tools are free of food and other impurities and don’t have excess moisture, which can cause dishes to smell mildew. Your Gilbert cabinets should be deep cleaned roughly once a month to keep out smells.
  • Eliminate smells emanating from the fridge: If your kitchen gets strong odors each time the doors of your refrigerator are opened, then the problem lies in this large appliance. Fix this by leaving a cup of coffee grounds on a shelf or two of your fridge. The coffee will soak up any smells and leave your fridge without those left-over dish smells that can take over.
  • Create good smells: If you don’t feel as though standard air-fresheners will do the trick, literally create your own smell. Deep dry a tablespoon full of cinnamon to create a strong, but deliciously warm, smell in your kitchen that will waft not only throughout your kitchen, but also throughout your home. From your kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ to your pantry and beyond, your kitchen will smell warm and rich.
  • Burn, baby burn: Burn a few candles when you are home for a subtle way to replace any unwanted scents in your kitchen. Be sure to steer clear of areas around your Arizona cabinets, as you don’t want them to catch fire. Instead, burn large jar candles – scented for the season, if you want to add some spice to the space – in open spaces, such as in the middle of the kitchen table. This is optimal because this also adds ambiance to the space and works quickly to mask any smells in this space.