Consider The Work Triangle When Positioning Kitchen Cabinets

When you are putting in a new set of kitchen cabinets, chances are, you have a wide range of considerations to keep in mind. One such consideration might be the positioning of the cabinets. According to the Gilbert, Arizona kitchen cabinet experts, Capital Mark Granite Flooring and Cabinets, positioning your cabinetry within the work triangle of your kitchen is the best way to ensure that they are most effective.


The work triangle in your kitchen should connect the lines of the sink, oven and refrigerator. Your kitchen cabinets should fall within this triangle, making it easy for you to work in the various spaces of your kitchen. The idea behind this type of positioning is that you can easily function in your kitchen when engaging in daily activities. It increases the efficiency of the space, which is what you hope for anytime you remodel your kitchen or even design it from the outset with considerations of how these major elements will best interact with one another. Gilbert, Arizona kitchen experts like Capital Mark have a clear idea of how to get the best results with new kitchen cabinets and can advise you on ways to make sure your kitchen is the most efficient possible space.


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