Be Fluid When Designing Kitchen Space

The traditional kitchen boasted a triangle design that pitted the placement of the refrigerator in relation to the stove and the sink, which resulted in a layout that was seen in just about every kitchen, no matter what the design of the rest of the space held. However, as factors of budget, including affordable kitchen cabinets, and work space are considered, it is important to be as creative as possible in the layout of the kitchen design. Today’s kitchens feature more space than ever before, as people use their kitchen spaces for more than just cooking. Contemporary spaces are utilized for homework, family time, bill paying and more.

There are any numbers of ways that you can increase the space in your kitchen without having to take on a huge project or break the bank to get the job done. While the triangle worked for a long time, it is no longer the reigning champ in terms of the way this space is laid out. Functionality is key and this is generally custom to whatever is going to work for the homeowner.

For instance, a homeowner that doesn’t spend as much time cooking may opt to go with a smaller space for food prep and appliances and focus instead on the various other nooks in the kitchen as well as the kitchen table area. This is what may work for this individual’s situation. The kitchen island may not be used as much for food prep as it would for, say, homework projects or a laptop station.

By comparison, someone that focuses on cooking may want more space in which to engage in food prep and even food display during entertaining. This might include spacy affordable cabinets, more appliances and more efficient and effective use of the space. Double overs, open glass shelving, rotating cabinets and more are all good components to be used in the “new” kitchen. Hidden trash compactors and refrigerated cabinets are also on trend for kitchen space considerations and are often suggested by designers in the beginning of the process for self-professed “foodies.”

It is important to be as fluid as possible when designing – or redesigning – the kitchen space to accommodate changing needs. Affordable kitchen cabinets, décor that focuses as much as efficiency in the kitchen and the ability to utilize the space for a wide array of needs are all core goals when considering the use of this important and highly-trafficked space.